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Global / Questions about Varna, Ruse and Burgas
« on: 10.08.2010, 18:12:55 »
I will visit Bulgaria in september. In Riviera hotel (Golden Sands).

Which is the best bus Riviera hotel-Varna train station? Cost of ticket? Ticket sell in bus?

In Varna, Burgas, Dobrich, Sliven and Ruse city which is the cost of the ticket in the town? Does exist "one day ticket" for all buses and trolleybus lines? The tickets are available from the bus?

In Varna the trolleybus route 88 is not in service?


Global / Trolleybus developments
« on: 15.09.2009, 15:42:52 »

Does exist project to introduce/extend the trolleybus network?

Burgas-Sunny Beach, Varna-Zlatni P., Blagoevgrad, etc.

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