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Global / Buses in Bosnia-Herzegovina
« on: 01.03.2012, 23:06:46 »
Some pictures I've taken from buses in Bosnia, mainly ex-Dutch buses. Also some trams in Sarajevo. Pictures made between August 21 and August 24, 2011.

Pictures made in Stara Zagora, Nova Zagora and Karnobat, may 26 and may 28, 2010.

Pictures made on May 26th and May 28th

Global / Pictures of some buses in Burgas, may 2010
« on: 29.02.2012, 17:58:23 »
These pictures are made on May 27th and May 28th, 2010.

Global / Pictures of some buses in Varna, may 2010
« on: 28.02.2012, 23:28:55 »
These pictures were made on May 27th, 2010.

Global / Pictures of some buses in Sofia, may 2010
« on: 28.02.2012, 23:20:11 »
Some pictures I made on May 25 and May 28 in Sofia.

Global / Pictures of buses I've seen in Bulgaria
« on: 09.06.2010, 00:24:58 »
I've been in Bulgaria from may 25-may 28. Pictures can be seen at

Global / Adresses
« on: 21.02.2010, 12:15:37 »
In May/June this year I will visit Bulgaria. For our trip, we want to find our old Dutch buses.
In this case, I'm looking for the adresses of the following depots:
  • Eridantrans Sofia
  • depots in Varna with ex-GVB buses
  • Burgasbus
  • Plovdiv depots with Den Oudsten buses and Van Hool trolleybuses
By the way, what's happened to Den Oudsten trolleybus from RTK?
Thanks in advance!

Global / New Hess trolleybuses for Arnhem
« on: 30.09.2009, 20:15:34 »
Some pictures of the 9 new Hess trolleybuses, build for Arnhem. They will replace most of the Volvo trolleys from 1990, of which I've also attached a picture. These Volvo's are already for sale. The Hess trolleys will be taken officialy in service on december 13th. Then most Volvo's will also be withdrawn. More pictures of these and other buses on my site

Global / Trolleybuses for Plovdiv, Bulgaria
« on: 30.09.2009, 20:08:23 »
Last Friday, 7 Van Hool AG280T's were transported from Ghent, Belgium, to Rotterdam. After another 8 trolleys have arrived, all 15 will be send to Plovdiv by train, I guess that will be somewhere next week. Some pictures are attached. I will also add some pictures in the next days on

Global / Eridantrans
« on: 10.08.2007, 00:05:12 »
Quote from: Ivo
Ами какво пречи и шаситата да са произведени у нас,само двигателя и скоростите да са вносни.Това, че у нас ще се правят такива модерни автобуси е много добре. Може би ще се възстанови автобусното производство у нас.
Иначе ето това е новият автобус, има инв.номер 5019 така изглежда произведен в България Ден Оудстен. Отвътре е с много готини червени седалки, които дори имат облегалка за главата, червени с черна облегалка за главата.

Wow!! First a new trolleybus alliance and now a dieselbus alliance!!

You guys in Bulgaria still know how to amaze me!

Global / Buses in Holland
« on: 29.05.2007, 00:03:16 »
In Holland we have linebuses from, mainly, eight bus-bodybuilders.
  • Den Oudsten
  • Berkhof
  • Van Hool
  • Volvo
  • MAN
  • Mercedes
  • Dennis (GB)
  • Wright (GB)
The attachments show a Van Hool AGG300 from Utrecht (built 2003), a Volvo 7700 from Veolia Maastricht (built 2006) and a Den Oudsten Alliance from Hermes Heerlen (built 2000).

Global / Den Oudsten
« on: 19.05.2007, 23:38:41 »
On this picture all the LPG buses, except the 2204, for sale in Hoofddorp, near Schiphol Airport.

The left one (2213) is now Eridantrans 5031

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