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PESA Swing 122NaSF (2301-2320)

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Hello! I'm from Romania and I will be in Sofia for 4 days from next Sunday.
Unfortunatelly, I don't speak Bulgarian, so please, I kindly ask you if these new trams are already on the streets, and, if the answer is yes, plase tell me on which lines? Many thanks in advance!

AGENT 006:
Yes the new trams Pesa are already in use on line 1.
Here is the route of this line.

Line 1 connects Sofia's Central railway station with l.q. Ivan Vazov. It is a short route - half hour one way and one hour round trip.

Many thanks! :)

You can buy tickets from the driver or from the ticket vending machine near the 2-nd door. The ticket costs 1 Bulgarian lev. In case you buy the ticket from the driver, you have to perforate it using the perforators mounted on the handles at the side of the doors. If you don't do it, the ticket is invalid. The tickets form the vending machine don't need to be perforated.

Enjoy your stay in Bulgaria!

--- Quote from: AGENT 006 on 04.02.2014, 16:25:26 ---... already in exploitation on line 1.
--- End quote ---
По-скоро in use / in service.


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