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Pictures of some buses in Stara Zagora and Karnobat, may 2010


Hugo Buss:
Pictures made in Stara Zagora, Nova Zagora and Karnobat, may 26 and may 28, 2010.

I hope GVB 351 is still alive!!! Might just visit Karnobat one day. Right now there are no more Hainje CSA II buses besides the emergency one - RET 306. All three left - RET 303, RET 208 and GVB 349 (Favourite) are probably scrapped in Yambol or are being taken apart in the bus depot. There was an attempt to alter a second DAF - RET 217, and to make it the second emergency bus, it served for a few days, but now it's missing.

There is no dispute that GVB 351 was very beautiful and unspoilt although the image is 2010 year. :)


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