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PESA Swing 122NaSF (2301-2320)

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If you want to travel a bit longer it's defo more convenient to buy a day ticket (4 лв).

Thank you again!
Do you know if I can buy the day ticket from the airport?

Difficult. At the airport tickets are best to buy from the small supermarket on the right side inside the Arrivals Hall, you will see the sign "Tickets" pointing to it. Beware, however, that not all ticket sellers speak English, so in doubt you could ask a local to help you - the majority of the youngsters speak freely English and are helpful.

If day cards are not available, buy a single ticket of a price of 1 Lev - 0.50 Euro, and then on the major bus stops like Pliska Hotel or Orlov Most (Eagle's bridge) buy a day card. Beware, however, that the most kiosks close at 16:00.

Feel free to ask further questions if help needed.  :)


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