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Karosa buses in Bulgaria


I know about only 3, which are insured.

Karosa B 732 - Varna - Euxinograd
Karosa LC736 - Dupnitsa - KH 2069 AB
Karosa LC736 - ??? - P 1870  BH do you know, where go this bus or location of this photo?

and do you know about another Karosa buses, which still go?

A few months ago I saw a Karosa 900-series bus in the village of Sarantsi, it was carrying schoolchildren. Unfortunately I don't know its exact model or license plate or who owns it.

In terms of non-operational buses, I can think of a few.
1. There's an abandoned C734 next to the Plovdiv - Asenovgrad road.
2. Last year there were two C734s in a yard on Ksiliforska street in Veliko Tarnovo. They are visible from Tsarevets fortress.
3. A few Karosa SL11 and C734 survive in Veliko Tarnovo in the garage of Nadezhda company, however I don't know where the garage is located. Ask in one of the Veliko Tarnovo topics. Here are some photos:
4. And finally there's a C734 next to an apartment building at 46 Strahil Voyvoda street in Dupnitsa.


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