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Informations for Italian fans / Информация за италианските фенове


Hello, i'm Mattia, a bus fan from Italy.
I'm going to visit Bulgaria for buses and I've some questions to ask.

1) Are there other forums/website dedicated to buses even outside Sofia (Varna/Plovdiv etc)

2) Have you got informations about old buses still driving in the following cities? Varshets, Montana, Vraca, Bjala Slatina, Vidin, Dupnica, Pernik

3) Have you got informations about old Iveco italian buses or buses former Italy still driving in Bulgaria (Iveco 315 in Varshets, O303 Menarini in Pernik, O405N2U in Dupnica)

4) If you don't have any informations about these cities, do you know someone who could help me?

I hope I didn't get the topic wrong, and I thank you in advance for your answers.

Mattia :)

Hello Mattia!
The there are not much forums dedicated to buses in the public transport. This forum is the one and another (which outside the Sofia subforum is mainly focused on infrastructure projects, but still has public transport topics) is the skyscrapercity forum with the subforum for Bulgaria. In this forum you can see subforums for the main cities in Bulgaria and there you can find the newest information on public transport in each of the cities.

Hi, there is another forum for the public transport in Burgas (gtburgas) For the most other cities in Bulgaria, you can find good information here, in this forum. :)
For Vidin, @BulgariaBuses can help you.


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