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страхотна причина за отказ от тролейбусния транспорт   :rolleyes:
Редовен градски транспорт, нещо не се сещам за по-добра причина...За това какво ще се случи с цената на електричеството следващите 5 години съм писал и то е неизбежно, но СО винаги ще са изненадани.
А много ми е интересно защо в Алмати заменят тролейбусите с автобуси???
Total project cost: Up to KZT 6,000 million (or up to $40.6 million).
As the first stage of the Project EBRD will consider a senior loan to Almaty Electrotrans, a municipal tram and trolleybus company, of up to KZT 5,100 million (equivalent to up to $34.8 million) under a project support agreement with the City of Almaty. The proposed loan would finance the purchase of up to 200 new low floor Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fuelled buses in Almaty. Additionally, the Project aims at setting standards for service quality in public transport and integrating private operators into one client-oriented system with significantly improved service standards.

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