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Global / AG280T driven in Liege (Belgium)
« on: 10.07.2010, 00:07:58 »
Hi to all of you.
It's been quite while since the last time I posted something here and I really apologize. Due to illness, I have to stay home and I will propose you a few things and let's start with a video shot while we did a test ride in dieselmode with my trolleybus Van Hool AG280T during a test run. Nothing special but it will give you the opportunity to discover some views of my city "Liege" in Belgium. I hope you enjoy this short film.  By the way the strange engine noise you will hear is the noise done by the diesel generator of the we are using it without overheads (electric wires).

To view the video (from Youtube) click HERE


Global / Re: Questions about Plovdiv and Pazardzhik
« on: 06.03.2010, 09:12:08 »
Ok, thanks anyway for trying to help. ;D


Global / Questions about Plovdiv and Pazardzhik
« on: 23.02.2010, 17:13:40 »
Hi to all of you.

The trolleybus (Skoda-9Tr n° 07) seen on the picture (below) is running in Pazardzhik. This trolleybus is 39 years old. The trolleybus lines in Pazardzhik date from 1993. So this Skoda trolleybus comes from another city. Does anyone of you knows where it comes from?

Also, do you know where I could find an historical description of the trolleybus networks of Plovdiv and Pazardzhik.

Thanks for your help.

Global / Re: Trolleybuses for Plovdiv, Bulgaria
« on: 05.02.2010, 10:09:31 »
I have read on that the price paid for each vehicle was 1300 euros.

Global / Re: Trolleybuses for Plovdiv, Bulgaria
« on: 30.01.2010, 00:46:23 »
It seems they are rotting......


Hi! I have a question. What type is the old yellow trolleybus on the photo with the kid and are there any more pics of it (the trolleybus, not the kid of course  :D)?

Hi Bus_lover,
You're right, I can't give you informations about the kid  :P but I can give you you some info on the yellow trolleybus. It is a museum trolleybus from Brussels. There there was a trolleybus line (line 54) from 1936 until 1964.

If you want to know more about it, click here:


Here are the technical informations about the ex-trolleybus from Ghent (Belgium) now in Plovdiv:

Vehicle Type: Van Hool AG 280T
Total number of passengers: 138 (46 sitting, 92 standing)
Weight= 1st  axle: 4.456 Kg, 2nd axle: 7.690 Kg, 3rd 4.420 total= 16.670 Kg
Total length: 17,90 m
Width: 2,49 m
Height (poles lowered) 3,40 m
Traction motor: ACEC
Electrical power:  188 Kw/h
Diesel generator:  HATZ 4L 40Z
4 cilinders / max 2.800 RPM
Power: 56 kw
Alternator: ACEC  47,5 Kw, 375 v
Maximum speed (trolley mode): 60 km/h
Brake energy recovery:  NO
Pneumatic control of the trolley poles: yes
Vehicle build by Van Hool
Electrical parts : ACEC
Poles / trolley heads/retrievers: Delachaux (the original trolley heads have been replaced in Plovdiv)
Vehicles build in 1988, put into service in march 1989.
Price per unit (in 1988): 550.000 euros

Now, a few pictures of the vehicles in service in Belgium. The first picture was taken on friday 27th of november 2009 during a ride with the museum trolleybus (number 08). The picture shows two vehicles: a new Van Hool trolleybus (for Milan , Italy) during tests in Ghent and next to it trolleybus 08. On the same picture, the first generation of trolleybus from Van Hool (the blue one) and next to it, the latest generation (green trolley).

Now a few pictures of the vehicles in Ghent:

And now a few pictures of the farewell to the trolleybus on june 14 th 2009, the official date of the closure of the trolleybus line. They have now been replaced by a mix of diesel and hybrid buses. This line should be converted back to tram in 15-20 years........

If you have any comments or questions, feel free to ask. I will be more than happy to answer you.


Global / Re: Trolleybuses for Plovdiv, Bulgaria
« on: 27.11.2009, 19:11:39 »
Ok, it's HERE


Global / Re: The trolleybus network of Liege (Belgium)
« on: 24.11.2009, 15:35:05 »
Hi iashu,

Yes you are right about the first and third set of wheels. They can turn. This series of trolleybus is a rare thing. At the beginning of their live, they were bi-directional. Later, returning loops were finally installed and the trolleys were transformed as uni-directional vehicles and this is the way they finished their life. For preservation and for exposition in the museum, trolleybus 402 was transformed by to bi-directional.

The long coastal tram line is travelling along the belgian coast (North Sea) and is connecting different cities.
Click HERE and you will see a map of the line.

I will soon make different posts over transport by tram in Belgium but I need some time to make someting good. By the way, I publish in English but I can also do it in french (my language). Just tell me what language you prefer me to use here  :)


Global / Re: Trolleybuses for Plovdiv, Bulgaria
« on: 24.11.2009, 12:15:50 »
Hi lud_pi4,
The ex-trolleybus from Ghent are Van Hool AG280T.
If you are interested to know more about this vehicle, I can give you more informations simply because I own one.
Thank you very much for your excellent pictures!


Global / Re: The trolleybus network of Liege (Belgium)
« on: 22.11.2009, 00:55:42 »
At the moment In Liege we have a lot of Van Hool buses: A320, AG300. Thera are also a lot of vehicle from Irisbus. We also have the first AGG300 from Van Hool.

To be honest, I am not at all a bus fan so I do not have any pictures of buses.

If you are interested, I will publish future posts about the other tram networks of my country.
There are trams in Antwerp:

In Ghent:

In Brussels:

In Charleroi:

and also there is a 70 km long tram line at the belgian coast:

If you (the members of this forum) want me to post about these networks, let me know. It will be a pleasure.


Global / Re: The trolleybus network of Liege (Belgium)
« on: 21.11.2009, 23:04:33 »
Hi LG,
Thank you for your comments.
At the moment all public transport in Liege is done by diesel bus. There are plans to re-introduce a tram line but it will take some time. The political decision is yes but they now need to find the money.


Global / The trolleybus network of Liege (Belgium)
« on: 21.11.2009, 22:17:11 »
Liege (the third major city of Belgium) used to have tram and trolleybus networks. The first trolleybus line started in 1930 and little by little, trams were replaced by trolleybuses. The last tram ran in 1964. You could think that from 1964 trolleybus was the king of the streets. No way, from the beginning of the '60's diesel buses began to replace trolleybuses. At one moment, the trolleybus network was 130 km long. The last two major lines were opened in 1954. In 1971 trolleybuses disappeared completely from our streets. Very soon afterwards the overheads were removed making a comeback impossible. In 1973 the world incountered the first petrol crises!

I wil now show you some of the vehicles which ran in our streets.
The first vehicles were imported from England and were build by Ransomes. This first model was named T30.

Now here are the T32. They were made in Belgium by a company named "FN". Some of you may now this company. This is a company still in production today, they manufacture weapons.
Here is a picture of a T32. 30 were build

Later FN build a new vehicle type T36, 48 vehicles were made. The main difference between T32 and T36 is visible on the roof. On the T32, the two trolley booms were on a single axis.

In 1939, 6 vehicles build by Brossel in Brussel appeared on the network.

Finally in 1954 came the T54. 30 vehicles were build by FN. They were used on the last two opened lines in 1954.

As explained before, in 1971, everything was scrapped. All the vehicles were destroyed except two who are preserved in the transport museum in Liege:

Here below, one T54. This is a static exhibition, the vehicle is missing some internal parts, it cannot be used.

And now again, two pictures of a T32 taken in the museum.

On the following picture, you can see the base of the boom on the single axis

That's it for the Liege Network.

In the suburbs of Liege, there is another city called Seraing. They also had a few trolleybus lines. They used specialy designed trolleybus. These vehicles were bi-directional because, on the line where they were in use, it was not possible to install a returning loop. So the trolley had two driving places and four booms.

First picture: one side of that trolleybus:

and here....the other side:

I hope you enjoyed my explanations.


Global / Re: Video in Ghent (Belgium)
« on: 20.11.2009, 11:54:36 »
Hi Troley_lover.
These trolleys are the quietest I have ever heard. Outside you hear nothing, inside you just hear the transmission from the traction motor to the wheels. Very , very quiet. You will be amazed. When they run using the diesel generarator, there are VERY noisy. Yes the trolley booms (what you call pantographs) are controlled by pneumatic devices. They can be lowered or put on the wire at the touch of a button from the driver's seat......So the booms can be put into contact with the electric line IF there is this sort of device on the electric line:

Global / Video in Ghent (Belgium)
« on: 20.11.2009, 00:00:50 »
Hi to all of you.
15 ex-trolleybus from Ghent in Belgium will now be used in Plovdiv. I have a video I shot in 2008 in Ghent.
Click HERE and you will see these trolleybus when they were used in Ghent.



Global / Re: Trolleybuses for Plovdiv, Bulgaria
« on: 19.11.2009, 23:20:05 »
Hi KYLIEDOG ,for me (and I believe for all the colleagues ) will be intersting if you present Liege's public transport.If you have some time and you wish of course you can make a separate topic :)

Hi Freepigeon, good idea. In a few days, I will make a new post about the former network trolleybus network of Liege.


Global / Re: Trolleybuses for Plovdiv, Bulgaria
« on: 19.11.2009, 21:07:27 »
Thanks a lot. Yes I'm lucky  :bounce:
We could exchange a lot of pictures.....the pictures taken here in Belgium with pictures during their new live.
Troley_lover, can I ask you if you are a trolleybus driver or just a fan for a special reason.


Global / Re: Trolleybuses for Plovdiv, Bulgaria
« on: 19.11.2009, 19:12:14 »
Hi Troley_lover,
Thank you very much for your informations. Do you think it will be possible for someone to make to pictures and post over here?


Global / Re: Trolleybuses for Plovdiv, Bulgaria
« on: 19.11.2009, 12:39:44 »
Hi Troley_lover,

The bus with trolleybus booms to defrost the overheads left Belgium by road. The bus will arrive by itself driven by someone from the Plovdiv depot. I don't have further informations I'm affraid. The 10 Man trolleybus should be coming from Solingen. If this is the case, this is this sort of vehicles:

If you or anyone else on this forum can make pictures of the Van Hool trolleybus when they will be put into service, I am VERY interrested.


Global / Re: Trolleybuses for Plovdiv, Bulgaria
« on: 18.11.2009, 00:14:37 »
I forgot to tell you that this bus should also arrive in Plovdiv.
This is not a trolleybus. It's a regular diesel bus. It is fitted with two poles which apply a special product on the overheads to remove frost during winter. Here's a picture of that bus.


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